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Garage Floors

Looking to expoxy garage floors? PaintMor brings you some of the best garage floor coating systems on the market today! Our floor coatings provide incredible durability and a stylish look.

The process of installing a garage floor coating starts with a clean slate. Arrange for a secure location to place anything of value from your garage, and then completely remove all items from the floor. We will wash and clean the area before using a chemical product to “rough up” the concrete and prepare it to receive the floor coating. For those who have stained concrete driveways or special circumstances, we may choose to use a more labor-intensive sanding technique to prevent any damage to the surrounding surfaces.


After prepping the space, we will put down an initial coat of paint and wait several hours before returning for a second coat. Please note that the product will take longer to dry in humid conditions. Within just a day or two, you can enjoy a completely transformed space.


Our continuous pursuit for perfection has resulted in consistent growth each year. Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of residential and commercial painting services.


If for any reason you aren’t happy with our painting services please contact us. We will come back and correct the specific areas that didn’t meet your expectations. In case you need a special painting service we are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.


Founded in 2005 we became one of the leading providers of residential and commercial painting solutions in DFW. Our mission is to:

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These guys were amazing! They repaired and textured many holes around the house, and textured/painted the garage. I also got the garage floor epoxied and would recommend it to anyone. All of the work was very professional, and the crew was a solid 10/10

Trent B.

Excellent/Excellent!!! Super job on all the projects I contracted for. Will use again when I get the interior done. Highly, Highly recommend.

Archie P.